“Rosia”, Ukrainian high jump angel

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Let’s get to know another beautiful athlete in the 2020 Olympics for Yaroslava Mahushikh or “Rosia”. A 19-year-old female high jumper from Ukraine. Who won a bronze medal from the competition After high jump as 2 meters

, Mahushikh is one of Europe’s most watched high jumpers. Because she recently won a gold medal at the European Under-23 Championship and set a new record in the competition as well. She has also won the European Championships at the Under 18s and 20s all the time, you can call it. It’s the next high-jump wonder idea ever.

little girl model Who has the uniqueness of writing the eyelids in yellow when competing. Own by a height of 181 cm, Rosia start playing this sport at the age of 13. Before sweeping amazing achievements both at home and abroad.

Recently, with a bright future that is not lost on the face, OMEGA is a famous watch company from Switzerland. gave her a contract to be the brand’s presenter. With the concept of representing a new generation of women Sports lifestyle that is strong. Tough, but still can be beautiful. and look luxurious at the same time

In addition to the famous watch brands Previously, she had just signed a contract with PUMA , a world famous sports apparel product as a brand ambassador to complete