“Hendo” is attracted to the European rulers, hoping to reverse course three years ago

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Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson Hendo preludes before the Champions League final against Real Madrid (May 28) that he wants to lift the Big Ear trophy twice in his career. Because since the beginning of the first trip in 2019, then raised the trophies until the arms ached.

‘ Hendo ‘ officially started the championship as ‘ Reds ‘ , if not counting the true champion in Thailand. It’s the Champions League , when they defeated Spurs 2-0 in the final in Madrid. Then lifted the championship successively, chasing the UEFA Super Cup , FIFA Club World Cup. English Premier League , Carabao Cup and most recently , the FA Cup.  

Of course, if the impression of the 31 – year-old star says that the experience of opening Xing Wanda Metropolitano. Always special, always at the top But if you can do it again, it will be another emotion that you want to experience as well.  

Hendo ” I’ve always said that winning the Champions League in Madrid was perhaps the greatest hour of my career – it was a very special one, ” he told the official website ufabet.

“ To be able to overcome the disappointment from the previous season that went to the final and lost. To become a champion of the National Championships . Successfully . It was very touching for me , including my friends , everyone who participated. ” 

“ Of course, I would put the 2019 Champions League No. 1 in my mind, so it was an incentive to bring that feeling back. I hope that will happen on Saturday. It would be nice not to tease We can celebrate again

For the ‘ Reds ‘ schedule , no matter how the results at the Stade de France came out this weekend The teams will also have a parade to celebrate the FA Cup and League Cup wins alongside the women ‘s FA Cup winners on Sunday 29 May .