Comparing Paul Pogba ’s Man Utd stats under Mourinho and Solskjaer

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After a turbulent relationship with Jose Mourinho, Paul Pogba has begun to show his best form for Manchester United under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Pogba found himself not on the side during Mourinho’s latest game in charge but was a key part of Solskjaer’s side when available.

We compared France’s stats under Solskjaer to the stats he recorded under Mourinho at United to see where he has improved.

As stats show, Paul Pogba registered more goals and assists under Mourinho, but injuries limited his playing time during Solskjaer’s reign.

Overall, the midfielder averages regular goalscoring under his current manager. This gives Pogba the freedom to create the way he wants.

Modern Mourinho

game: 108
Real 100
Reserve: 8
Goals: 20
Mondial’s 22
goals from penalty 4
minutes per goal: 441.5
door without penalty: 551.8
Goals or assists: 210.2

Contemporary Soul Tea

Games 92
Real 75
back: 17
Goals: 18
Mondial’s 21
goals from the penalty spot: 5
minutes per goal: 386.7
door without penalty: 535.4
minutes per goal. or assists: 178.4