What is Fan Tan? Why are there so many people playing?

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Fan Tan This is a game that has been around since ancient times. The history of Fantan originated from groups that were primarily engaged in agriculture. Where these people used beans or grains to make bets. Whether it’s playing equipment or whatever. until the result of losing and winning. The reward is still a variety of beans and seeds. At present, Fantan has become a game. Online casino ufabet, a direct website that is very popular among Asian people and around the world. People pay attention and practice to play in order to win and get the prize money back.

Get to know gambling Fantan ufabet

I have to say first that this Fantan is a game that has existed since the past. Which has been in different forms according to the era, which Fantan is a game that has a simple way to play, not flashy, playing and causing fun and enjoyment The win rate is quite high. There is a system that is well maintain and controll.

Within the game, there will be a method, which is to bring our money to exchange for buttons first and then be able to use that button to bet. In the past, Fantan, that is, a group of people who tend to be mainly engage in agriculture would be beans or grains use to bet If it is in this day and age, it means that beans are like our own money. Which, whether it’s playing equipment or winning results, are often reward with nuts or seeds.

Rules and methods of playing Fantan ufabet that every newbie must know

First, the gambler has to choose the amount that we will bet or choose to bet that itself. Choose money in the betting box This can be either a single number, an even number, or even a combination of three numbers. Then press the confirm button and wait. Will count the buttons, distributed in a row, 4 per row, which will be easier to see more, so the team has replaced the number color, which is the number 1 to represent the white number 2. To replace green, the number 3 to be represent by yellow, and the number 4 to be represent by red. If it’s done, how many buttons are left? In conclusion, that is the number of points the player wins.

How to play Fantan online, ufabet , direct website

Look at the front of the table from the red square box that circled for me first. In this frame, we will look at the betting boxes horizontally row by row.

Bet on Fantan one number ufabet

It is a bet on a single number on the far right of the red frame. Which has the number 1, 2, 3, 4 by letting the player predict how many beans the last pile of beans will be left. If the last number of beans is equal to what number? It shows that the number is correct. There is a payout rate of 1:1, less the commission of 5%, for example, bet 100 if you get 95

How to bet on Fan Tan, two numbers (even numbers) ufa

  • It is a two-number bet. By letting the player bet on how many beans the last pile of beans will be left
  • But it is different from a single bet (odd number) is that the player can predict 2 numbers.
  • There will be numbers for the player to bet in all 12 slots.
  • But there will be 6 pairs of numbers together which are 1:2 pair / 1:3 pair / 1:4 pair / 2:3 pair / 2:4 pair / 3:4 pair
  • If the remaining peas in the last pile are equal to the even number chose by the player any number will be consider the player wins
  • If the number of beans in the last pile is equal to a single number on the right-hand side of each row in the row the player bets on. The dealer is consider the winner.
  • If the number of beans in the last pile is left In addition to the even number. That the player bets and does not match the single number on the right in that row. It will be consider a tie. and find a way to continue walking the Fan Tan