Russia lobby to move from UEFA member to AFC

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The Russian Football Federation (RFS) is considering transferring national. And club registrations from European Football Federation ( UEFA ) to the Asian Football Federation (AFC) in the aftermath of the ban. Open war of aggression ukraine.

Reports from the ‘ Champion Net ‘ that both UEFA and FIFA drive teams under ‘ RFS ‘, either national team names or ufabet clubs to compete with. For sanctions in the case of Russian President Vladimir Putin order to bring troops to invade the country’s western border neighbors.  

As a result, teams from the Russian Premier League will no longer be able to compete in the UEFA Champions League, Europa League or Europa Conference League. See an example of Spartak Moscow being eliminate from the Europa League round of 16.

At the national level, ‘ White Bears ‘ were kick out of the European FIFA World Cup 2022 play-offs against Poland in the semi-finals. While women’s football was eliminate from the European Championships this summer.  

For this reason, the ‘RFS’ elders are considering a move to the AFC. Which seems more friendly to the Kremlin powers.

However, such actions may not occur easily because even withdrawing from UEFA. The request to join the AFC must be approve by the original member first. And it can take decades to be approve.

A case study from Israel was affiliate with AFC between 1954 and 1974. But because of the conflict in the Middle East. The Israeli Football Federation aske UEFA to withdraw from Asian football to UEFA , until 1991, until approval was grant.