Hughes smiled as Palace let go of Norwich

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Crystal Palace midfielder Will Hughes has insisted his side showed great quality in their 3-0 win over Norwich despite the coronavirus pandemic. and many injuries within the ufabet team

Hughes Midfielder The Eagles said: “Victory is what we need from the results of the last match. and with smaller teams Our quality shines in the end.”

“I don’t think we started well in terms of intensity. But the penalty also made us calmer. It was a penalty in my eyes.”

“When you lead 3-0 in the first half, it’s all about managing the game. You don’t want to open the door for them. because in the Premier League When the team has a goal back They always have the opportunity to come back.”

“Every game in the Premier League is difficult in its own way. We know we have qualities that will shine. We showed especially in the first half.”

“When you have to play two games in two days, it hurts your body. But everyone is in the same situation. We just have to deal with it.”

“We know how close it is. (in the scoreboard), especially in the middle of the table It is good to create some distance between us and the teams in the lower group.”