Fabinho mourns his father’s death

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Liverpool supporters cheer on Fabinho, who recently lost his father. As a result, he may not be playing in the game against Burnley this Saturday.

Brazil and Liverpool midfielder Fabinho has been hit with devastating news following the death of his father Joao Roberto Tavares. From the disclosure on Friday, August 20, past 

Fabinho’s wife Rebecca said on social media: “Father-in-law, you will always be remembered for that smile. and passion for things Thank God for letting me get to know you. Your children will know about the grandfather they have. I love you. Father-in-law. I will take good care of your son.”

Then there were many football fans who came to express their condolences, such as “We will be by your side at times like this”, “Sorry to hear the news. Rest in peace Fabinho’s father” and “Hope you and Fabinho get through this difficult time”, among others.

While Liverpool FC posted a picture of the Samba midfielder. and wrote a message saying “You’ll never walk alone, Fabinho.” 

Fabinho is expected to return to the starting XI for Liverpool against Burnley on Saturday August 21 after coming on as a substitute in their opening three win over Norwich. -0 However, the recent loss of his father led to the belief that Won’t be on the field this weekend.