Ajax with Bob Marley ‘s football kit

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Among the musicians, Bob Marley, real name Robert Nesta Marley, is one of the most popular legends of all time. His reputation was so popular that many people who weren’t in the music circle knew and loved him.

Of course, the reasons why people like Marley are different. Some people love his reggae music, others are impress with the concept of the legendary Jamaican artist. While others love his way of life But one thing in common is that his name is still mention today. and probably in the future as well

 So it should come as no surprise that most recently, many people are excited about the third kit of Ajax Amsterdam, the famous Dutch club of the Dutch Eredivisie. After their kit was design in A style that fully conveys Bob Marley.

    For the racing suit, the emphasis is on using black as the main base. But what stands out is that there is a red-yellow-green line. Both on the shoulders and sleeves as well, these three colors are the colors of the Rastafari movement. With Marley being hailed as a symbol of the movement. Because originally the group and reggae music were almost unified.

    not only that On the back of the collar, there are also 3 birds that are divided into red-yellow-green. one by one as well Of course. The color represents the Rastafari group as mentioned above. The bird is a reference to Marley’s famous song Three Little Birds in 1977.

 Indeed, Marley and football are closely related. After he was very fond of football. Until I used to play football with my friends Whether in a parking lot, in a park, or even in a recording studio. The team he likes are both Santos and Tottenham Hotspur. In addition, Marley also had an interview with reporters that. “If you want to get to know me better, You have to fight football with me and the Wellers first.”

    Some may wonder why Ajax designed the kit with Marley as its inspiration. The thing is, Ajax was deeply move by Marley’s story back in August 2008, 27 years after the music legend left the world. By then they visited Cardiff City for a warm-up game.

    Everything seemed to be operating normally. After the game, the officials asked Ajax fans to wait in the stadium for a while. So that there will be no chaos when football fans go to meet outside the stands During that time. Cardiff played some songs to keep fans from getting bore. And one of the songs they played was Three Little Birds.